Meet Paige

Welcome to MOPs at Gloria Dei. I'm so proud to be the Coordinator of our local MOPs group. I get to work with our amazing leadership team to bring community and connection to local moms through this amazing ministry. 

I was invited to MOPs by a dear friend. I immediately enjoyed the genuine connection of the group. We were doing introductions and I had recently suffered the loss of our daughter in utero. As I sat there, I was internally struggling with whether I included her in my number of children. I know that internal struggle is one a lot of moms who have had losses wonder about. I decided to mention her my baby in Heaven. A woman next to me very quickly and genuinely whispered "I'm so sorry." Moments like that were so life giving. I found that being with women who were in the same place of motherhood as me was wonderful. A mom offered to hold my newborn son so I could put breakfast on my plate, rooms were filled with amazing caregivers and toys so I could have much needed childcare, there was hot coffee, and I could finish sentences in conversation. MOPs has brought me closer to women I otherwise would have never met. It's also brought me further in my faith journey and allowed my children to meet and make new friends. 

I have a 5, 4, and 1 year old with a little girl in Heaven. Raising our kids is my primary role. I do work part time from home including leading the non-profit The Letter Project which exists to provide encouragement through handwritten letters to girls and women going through hard times. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and provide education and psychological evaluations as well. I am married to Nick who is an Infection Control leader at Avera. 

I'm thrilled to lead Gloria Dei MOPS this upcoming 2021-22 year. Please reach out if you have questions our team can help answer - We're a great group and we'd love to have you join us this upcoming year! 

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