Meet Stacey

Hi friends! Let me start by saying, I cannot wait to meet YOU. For now, I’ll share a bit about myself. I have enjoyed three careers as an adult. My professional background was in children’s specialty retail, as well as, sales and recruiting. But my hardest and BEST job is being mom. I was sure I would be a boy mom, then I met my husband. He works in and loves sports, but he was curious about what that whole “girl thing” was about. Wonderfully, we have been blessed with two strong-willed and kind-hearted daughters. While my husband is busy traveling for his career, I manage pretty much everything else. I might finally have the hang of it. Just kidding, we are major purveyors of messy hospitality in our home; come on by! I’d love to find a clean coffee cup for you.

How I came to MOPS:
I grew up in Sioux Falls but spread my wings after college and moved to Minneapolis-St. Paul. When our first child was born, I quickly learned how vital it was to have friends walking along side you in those early years of motherhood. At that point we made the big decision to move back to South Dakota. I thought I would easily make friends again, after all I was from here! But a year went by and I was missing those friendships. At the same time, we were eager to grow our family. Then the unthinkable happened, we experienced a crushing miscarriage. Those were the darkest days of motherhood for me. I started searching for women who could understand, but it was hard. My close friends—thankfully—didn’t know the pain of pregnancy or infant loss. Yet they remained encouraging and faithful. Yet, it wasn’t until after we welcome our rainbow baby that I found MOPS. This group of women has been an enormous source of comfort, encouragement and support for me. I have grown in more ways than I could have imagined. I joined MOPS to find a few mom friends, instead I found a village.

Why I Serve: 
Community engagement and volunteerism have always been important to me. My heart is drawn to connect with people; and I feel a great responsibility to serve as the hand and feet in the church. As my children have grown, it is a blessing to have the opportunities to lean into more volunteer and leadership roles. Initially, I volunteered to be on the steering team at Gloria Dei because I genuinely loved the women in this group and wanted to spend more time with them. This has blossomed into a leadership role that if find personally rewarding. I cherish making meaningful connections with our moms. I am honored to help shape the content we provide through the MOPS International theme. I aspire to help women see their amazing contributions and potential. I hope our work builds strong families. Mostly, I pray this ministry will glorifies God.

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