Meet Katie


Katie Zuraff, Co-Coordinator 

I'm Katie. I enjoy long, hot showers, walks along a sunset beach and snuggling up to read whole books in one sitting. JUST KIDDING! Well. I do enjoy all those things but I haven't seen that side of myself for a LOOOOOONG time. The better part of a dozen years, really...I have 4 kiddos who are 11, 9, 6 and almost 3. I have dual education degrees in elementary education and special education. I taught for a few years full time and a few part time in odd jobs here and there and I was good at it and LOVED my students. But, I realized that I couldn't continue in good conscience because students in special ed need and deserve more.
Instead, I'm raising hooligans, pinching pennies, paying off loans and biding my time until we move to our dream farm. Sounds WAY more fun than walks on the sunset beach. RIGHT?! In all seriousness, I'm rejoicing every day in who God made me and thankful for everything I learn & experience. And maybe most importantly I will #worshipwhileIwait (*book coming soon. Right along with long hot showers).
My prayer for our MOPS group this year is that we RISE up and live into the women God has created us to be. And my prayer for each of you specifically is that you're met with warm and welcoming arms and find a place to call yours in this group.

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