As a parent, I often feel my kitchen is my office. And if Mom is in the kitchen, someone will be asking for a snack...actually someone is always asking for a snack, regardless of location. So how do you have more more in your office? 

In October we invited a dietitian to speak about healthy snacks, how to encourage healthy eating habits and how to accommodate allergy friendly snack foods. In reality, aren't we all just moms trying to get our kids to eat vegetables? One key takeaway is to keep offering those vegetables! It takes approximately 50 times for a child to accept a new food offering. Another great idea is to have a designate area for anytime healthy snacks ready to eat. It also recommended to "close the kitchen", no snacks one hour before or after meals. This term has already made it's way into my home. Finally, kids know when they are truly hungry. They likely have not developed the bad habit yet of eating simply because the food tastes good; mostly they are eager to eat and get right back to the business of play!

Here's to all you brave moms sneaking vegetables. Keep trying! Those little tummies are happy and to the full. 

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